61 Coffeeshop - Jiufen

In a village full of tea houses and taro balls you wouldn't expect to be able to find a good cup of coffee. On our second day in Jiufen we were greeted with heavy fog and rain, so all we wanted was a quiet coffeeshop to catch up on some writing and photo editing. Thankfully, on Qingbian road we stumbled on 61 Coffeeshop, a beautiful two floor cafe with soothing music and a covered terrace.


While they do have filter coffee here, the prices were a little extreme ($6+), so I would recommend trying out one of their many lattes. The Tiramisu Latte was outstanding, not to mention quite original. A large Americano will run you about $3, but comes piping hot and in a generously sized mug. Maybe it's a case of coffee Stockholm syndrome, but the Americano has really grown on me over the course of the trip. Shops in Taiwan regularly use 2 or 3 shots of espresso, so strength and flavor is guaranteed at least.


In a time when I have been lacking in motivation to continue chronicling our travels (mostly out of sheer laziness), the bad weather and discovery of 61 Coffee Shop came to the rescue. Sometimes it can be nice to take a break from going out and doing and simply spend some time planning and reflecting. In just 5 days we will be motorbiking through Vietnam and might not have this sort of luxury again for awhile.