4Coffee Soul Food - Split

Now long out of Instant Frappé territory, we have mostly resorted to making our own coffee each morning wherever we're staying. Sure, you can get a nice cappuccino or espresso, but we have long been craving regular filter coffee. I'm still baffled why Europe hasn't really caught on to how good filter coffee can be, but thankfully in Split we found a place that makes a fantastic pour over, not to mention an excellent iced coffee.


The manager of 4Coffee absolutely treats coffee making as an art form instead of just a business. The superb quality of the beans, intoxicating aroma, the meticulous preparation that goes into each cup, there is a subtle beauty that most passersby probably overlook. We chatted a bit as he poured, mostly about regular milk watering down great coffee, American coffee culture and homemade almond milk not being worth the effort (I know nothing of making almond milk, but can pretend like I do). It was clear this dude has a passion for coffee and it showed in the taste.


If you're not big on filter coffee and would prefer something cool on a hot, summer day, the iced coffee is also fantastic. He makes it sweet, but it maintains a nice balance. Check out 4Coffee Soul Food if you're ever in Split, one of the few cafés that I would go to if it was back home.

4Coffee Soul Food

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