October 2017 Trip Planning

October is the month of Nepal, a month that Jenny and I have been anxiously anticipating the entire trip. I'd go as far to say that this month could probably be the climax of our time abroad. We've sure had it easy cruising about Europe, living the life for the past four months, time to thrust ourselves into some real adventure, right? We opted to dive right into things, flying from Frankfurt to Kathmandu and immediately embarking on a 15 day trek to Everest Base Camp.

The trek is the one thing in Asia we have really planned and for good reason. We wanted to do it right, with a good guide and porter, and not have to stress out too much trying to plan our biggest trip activity last minute. With a helpful introduction from our friend Max, we have found an excellent guide who has laid out our 15 day schedule: On October 2nd we fly to Lukla, the most dangerous airport in the world, in the early morning. Over the next week we slowly make our way up to base camp; some short treks, some long treks, and some acclimatization required. By October 9th we will have finally arrived at base camp and have attained our initial goal, but we still have another week to go! The latter half of the trek will involve crossing the Cho La pass and Gokyo valley, sights that I suspect will be the real highlight of the journey. We should arrive back in Kathmandu by October 17th, with just 2 more weeks of October to explore Kathmandu, Pokhara and the rest of Nepal.

It is going to be an interesting experience, to shift from constantly bouncing around Europe, riding Flixbuses everywhere and enjoying so many western conveniences, to suddenly being in Asia and trekking to the base of tallest peak in the world. I think the trek will be somewhat surreal, a departure from everything else we have done thus far, and the reality that we will be spending the next 9 months in far more foreign lands won't really set in until afterwards. But honestly, I can't wait. We've been ready to make our way to Asia since early August and it has only gotten stronger as time has gone on. There is something special about being thrust into a beautiful sort of travel chaos and that is a hard thing to find in Europe. We have found it in a few places, sure, but I think we are in for a wonderfully rude awakening during our October in Nepal.