Instant Frappé

Instead of featuring an individual café for Greece, it probably makes more sense to talk about the frappé, a Greek iced coffee drink made from instant Nescafe. You wouldn't think that instant coffee could ever be delicious, but the Greeks have found a way, and we have been enjoying 1 or 2 of them daily for the last 2 weeks we have been here. Have to get our coffee fix somehow and virtually every café here serves them.

Instant frappés are made by mixing 2 teaspoons of instant coffee, sugar and water to form a foamy beverage, then milk is added to taste. The foamy top half tastes quite bitter while the bottom half is quite similar to a standard iced coffee. I usually like to alternate between the two with my straw, stirring more and more as I finish it. Perfect drink for the beach or even just for the 100 degree weather we have been struggling through in Athens. Definitely be sure to order one if you are ever in Greece, I would recommend asking for medium sugar and milk, any more and it can be a little too milky sweet.