Books & Brunch - Bruges

On our last day in Bruges we decided to try the popular Books & Brunch, a small café that has loads of great options for the brunch obsessed American. The walls are lined with books to read for free while you are there and purchase if you get hooked, the perfect stop for any traveler. I was impressed by the sheer variety of books available, coming in every language you could think of and covering any genre you could desire. Having enough books stored up on my Kindle to last me years, however, I turned my eyes to the menu.

Books & Brunch has an extensive list of menu items: healthy, hearty, organic, French, Irish, Wafelontbijt! It was difficult settling on a choice, but I was craving some eggs & bacon so I went with the hearty and had no regrets. Several different kinds of bread with butter, jam, and nutella along with bacon, eggs and orange juice made the hefty price tag well worth it.

One thing you learn quickly in Bruges is that no meal comes cheap, and you really have to do your research to distinguish the good places from the bad. Books & Brunch is all good, however, and may have even been my favorite meal in Belgium (certainly the best service). My biggest complaint of Belgium dining is the lackadaisical service. I enjoy taking my time with my food, but I do not enjoy waiting 30-45 minutes for the bill after I have asked for it. Even the custom of waiting for you to finish the appetizer before putting the entrée order into the kitchen drives me a little nuts. Maybe I need to learn a little patience. 


Books & Brunch

Garenmarkt 30

Brugge, Belgium