Lajkonik Piekarnia i Kawiarnia - Krakow

Lajkonik Piekarnia i Kawiarnia - Krakow

We spent 4 mornings in Krakow and I came here every single morning, loading up on as many carbs as my body would allow. Lajkonik is a chain of bakeries in Krakow; they serve everything from pączkis to kutia to bobka to sandwiches. Normally two large coffees and two food items would run us about 24 zloty, or 6 USD. You may be thinking, oh a chain bakery and so cheap, certainly must not be that great of quality. You'd be dead wrong, these were the best baked goods we had in all of Poland and I spoke to several locals who explained to me that Lajkonik is widely regarded as the best bakery in Krakow.

Throughout our whole trip we have normally skipped breakfast and just held out for lunch, running on coffee and adrenaline, and when we first stepped into Lajkonik my plan was the same. Grab a coffee here then get started on our day... well as soon as we saw everything under the glass counter we threw that out the window. Luckily, everything really did taste as good as it looked.

The general theme of Poland has been incredible food for a fraction of the price we have paid elsewhere in Europe. I would venture to say that Poland has had the best food overall, but maybe I am just a sucker for pierogis and potato pancakes. Not the most ideal cuisine when you are heading to the beach in a couple weeks, but so worth it. Anyway, I'd highly recommend stopping by Lajkonik if you are ever in Krakow, even just for a coffee and a donut, you won't find a better bakery or value.

Lajkonik Piekarnia i Kawiarnia

Stradomska 5, 33-332