Toasted - London

London is not exactly known for its brunch or coffee, but during a lazy Monday morning we stumbled across Toasted, an East Dulwich wine bar that happens to serve a light brunch on the weekend + Monday. An interesting mix between a trendy coffee shop and a Parisian wine cellar, Toasted far exceeded our expectations and proved to be one of the more unique brunch options in South London.

The coffee was by far the best I have had since we left Ireland. For some reason everything tastes burnt here, no matter where you go. You are better off grabbing a 99 pence filter coffee from Pret than ordering a £3 Americano from somewhere you think looks good. I actually think that London could take some notes from Dublin on the café front, but maybe everyone is too sucked into the Pret craze to really care. Thankfully this place was the one exception and I gleefully downed 2 cups before our food had even arrived (Indonesia cannot come soon enough). 

For my entrée I ordered corn bread toast topped with two eggs, salsa, and Sriracha. Most British breakfast food is rather plain and unassuming, so it was nice to have a bit of spice; you can never go wrong with Sriracha. I am personally much more used to having corn bread with dinner than breakfast, yet it felt right at home topped with a couple eggs and salsa. With a great vibe, relaxed staff and plenty of other brunch entrées to choose from, I would recommend Toasted to anyone for brunch, and I have no doubt their regular lunch & dinner is fantastic as well.



36-38 Lordship Lane

East Dulwich, London SE22 8HJ