Caffè il Momento - Amsterdam

Perhaps I missed a chance to write about one of the hundreds of "coffeeshops" that line the canals of Amsterdam, but frankly none of the ones we tried had any good coffee! If you are looking for a good coffeeshop recommendation, however, I would suggest you try out Abraxas Coffeeshop. They are very welcoming to tourists and will have no problem explaining their menu and basic coffeeshop etiquette. Anyway, this post concerns just a normal café, Caffè il Momento, a quaint Italian spot in the heart of the city center.

I ordered my first cappuccino of the trip here and I would have ordered 2 more if we didn't have a cheese tasting scheduled right next door. Oftentimes cappuccinos are served with too much milk and lose a ton of flavor, but this one had a great balance of sweet milky foam and bold espresso flavor. I can't make any claims about authenticity since I have never been to Italy, but the difference between this and a cappuccino in the US is vast.

The café itself is cozy, and strangely feels like you are more outside than inside. Exposed brick, garden tools, bicycles, and bags of coffee beans line the walls, and the friendly staff won't shy away from conversation whether you speak English, Dutch, Italian, French or German. One of the most amazing things about the Dutch are their foreign language skills. No matter where you are visiting from you will be able to find many who will understand you. I really wish I was taught any sort of language from a young age, but even if I had been I do not think I would have gotten the amount of practice needed to maintain the language like they do in the Netherlands.

Caffè il Momento

Singel 180

Amsterdam, Netherlands