July 2017 Trip Planning

As much as we would love to be free spirits and avoid planning anything beforehand, we have had to make some concessions in Europe. The less you plan ahead, the more you wind up paying, and while that might not matter so much in Southeast Asia, here in Europe it adds up. The route above details our planned travel for the month of July, starting in London where we are now and finishing up in Budapest where we will be staying for the beginning of August. While there will be many day trips and smaller stops, our main stops in between will be Bruges, Brussels, Amsterdam, Cologne, Berlin, Prague, and Krakow.

We had a few key areas of focus when throwing around ideas for this month:

  • Which cities are most important to us?
  • Where can we realistically afford to live for weeks at a time?
  • How should we order our destinations for better access to cheap and reliable transportation?

No matter where you are traveling to, I would recommend developing some key questions like this that you can game plan around. Our answers to these questions led to us crossing Paris off the list (saving France, Italy, and Spain for another trip), cutting Warsaw, traveling to the Czech Republic before Poland, and spending more time in Berlin/Prague, less time in Amsterdam.

In terms of transportation, we are exclusively using trains and buses. I would highly recommend using National Express in the UK, Deutsche Bahn in Germany, and PolskiBus in Poland. They generally have far cheaper fares than you might find on any other aggregate site, although they may require a little more patience.

We are very much looking forward to this next month in mainland Europe. In a way we have had difficulty set to "Easy" in Ireland and the UK. Now we are ready to bump it up to "Normal", and we cannot wait to see what this new adventure will bring.