Kaph - Dublin

We chose an excellent trip starting point as coffee lovers, the hip, independent coffee shop has taken the city by storm in recent years. Most of yesterday we were in a jetlagged daze and I couldn't even tell you what kind of coffee I ordered, but this morning we went to check out Kaph near Trinity College.

Craving some chocolate after trudging around in the rain all morning, this mocha latte hit the spot. It's rare for the foamy tops to taste as good as they look, but this was foamed to perfection. The service was quick and friendly, didn't make us feel like we weren't cool enough to be there. I took my time enjoying it while eavesdropping on the staff/customer conversations. Most unsurprisingly centered around US politics and "Comey" day, the hearing happening only a couple hours from now. You can't get much more anti-Trump than a hipster coffeeshop in Ireland, I especially appreciated their sign in the entryway.

I scraped up the last bits of chocolate that coated the bottom of my mug, noticing the sun was finally out. Good morning for a foamy latte and even better afternoon for a foamy beer.



31 Drury St.

Dublin, Ireland