Café North - Manchester

I made myself some instant coffee in our hostel kitchen this morning and couldn't even finish it. It tasted like the kind you get from a diner at 9 pm when you know it has been sitting on a hotplate for 4 hours. Burnt, old, and watery. So we looked up some places nearby in the Northern Quarter of Manchester and found Café North. Located on the northern tip of the neighborhood, this place is more of a brunch spot than coffee shop, and offers some great, healthy options to choose from. Avocados and toast have been a bit of a craze in Britain, so I decided I'd add that on top of a traditional Americano.

The sliced avocado was perfectly ripe and generously portioned. The coffee washed that burnt instant stuff right out of my mouth and set me straight for a day of shopping around the Northern Quarter. If we're ever back in Manchester I think I would definitely return to order some more off the menu, but today we're planning on grabbing lunch at the Arndale Market, which offers a slew of ethnic food options. Manchester is an incredibly diverse city and we want to embrace that for the short time we're here.


Café North

66 Shudehill

Manchester M4 4AA