Depth N Green - Mysore

Good coffee has been difficult for us to find in India. While it might be a tea lover’s paradise (especially that Masala Chai), there just isn’t much love for the coffee bean. In Gokulam, the yoga neighborhood of Mysore, we were finally able to find an excellent Americano and some Kombucha to boot!


Depth N Green has two locations right next to each other, one serving primarily as a cafe while the other a full vegetarian/vegan restaurant. The restaurant is outstanding, albeit a little too full of yoga hippies for my taste, but the cafe is where you will find the good stuff. The coffee was reminiscent of many of the cups we have had in Europe and for only a fraction of the price. But the surprise star of the show here was the kombucha! Particularly the coffee-based one that I decided to roll the dice on.


My one holdup that I have always had with kombucha is that I don't particularly care for black or green tea. That tart, fermented taste is actually quite appealing to me, but the rest of it I find mediocre. Enter coffee kombucha. Same fermentation process, but let's use coffee as our base instead. The results were outstanding - I wish I could I buy something like this at conveniences store back home, I'd never drink anything else again. If you find yourself in Mysore, definitely come and check out Depth N Green, whether you're a yoga-crazed hippie or just a coffee lover.

Depth N Green

831 1st Main Rd, Gokulam

Mysuru, Karnataka, India