The Glitch Mob - Drink the Sea

There is a very short list of electronic artists that I think can put together a cohesive record, and an even shorter list of albums that I continually return to year after year. The Glitch Mob have made the first list with both of their studio albums, but Drink the Sea is the one that I'll never be able to stop listening to. Released in May of 2010, Drink the Sea instantly became my go-to record for transitioning from work to play - these ten anthems (yes, every Glitch Mob song is an anthem) are measured and calm enough to be listened to at your desk, but on the inside you'll start to feel the hype build and build. 

The stand-outs on the record for me are "Animus Vox", "Drive It Like You Stole It", and "Fortune Days". Trust me, they are all worth listening to, but if you want to pick a few to see if it's your cup of tea you can't go wrong with these. Different levels of synth, coming in one at a time then layering on top of each other, paired with enormous drum beats to create these epic (and I hate using that word, but this qualifies) anthems. "Fortune Days" even starts with strings, slowly converting to harder and harder bass synths blasting out the catchiest tune imaginable. I have this one stuck in my head constantly, my brain waiting for that drop at 3:19 as I'm walking through the aisles of the grocery store. 

The album as a whole has a nice ebb and flow to it, to me almost feeling more like a rock album than EDM. The band doesn't consider themselves EDM, now claiming they are part of the glitch hop genre, comprised of funky hip hop beats mixed with glitch music techniques like repeating, chopping, bitcrushing and others that originated in the drum & bass scene. This first studio album came a bit before they really embraced that genre of music though, and to me would be better classified as "glitch rock", whatever that is supposed to mean. The influence of this record can absolutely be heard today in other glitch hop records by artists like Pretty Lights, GRiZ, and Opiuo. I think it's debatable whether you can really call glitch hop a genre, but boy do I love all the artists that claim they are a part of it.

Last but not least, I would be remiss if I didn't advise you to catch a Glitch Mob live show sometime. They are my absolute favorite live electronic music act, topping even the likes of Bassnectar or Pretty Lights. Everything is performed live, bouncing between their custom electronic pad device called The Blade and giant drums seated behind them. Check out their documentary Behind the Blade if you are curious about what separates their setup from other types of live electronic music, it is truly in a class of its own.


Track List

1. "Animus Vox" - 6:45

2. "Bad Wings" - 6:40

3. "How to Be Eaten by a Woman" - 6:00

4. "A Dream Within a Dream" - 5:24

5. "Fistful of Silence" - 5:11

6. "Between Two Points" (featuring Swan) - 5:37

7. "We Swarm" - 5:54

8. "Drive It Like You Stole It" - 5:55

9. "Fortune Days" - 6:23

10. "Starve the Ego, Feed the Soul" - 5:49