Himalayan Java Coffee - Pokhara

Himalayan Java Coffee - Pokhara

Himalayan Java Coffee has been a nice slice of Western life for us here in Nepal. It has become part of our routine each morning to roll out of bed and walk over to HJC to get our day officially started. Walking into a cafe and smelling espresso beans and baked goods early in the morning makes us feel like we're back in Europe again and in this case I am totally OK with that. When we were up in the mountains we were forced to drink instant coffee every morning - normally a bland, tasteless affair that was purely designed to acquire enough caffeine to begin hiking at 7 AM. Now, we can actually savor our drinks once again with a beautiful lake view and creature comforts like WiFi and power outlets.


The menu here is extensive, yet we have not felt the need to branch out too much. Usually, we will stay for a couple drinks and our two go-to's are the Fresh Brew and Hazelnut Cappuccino. The Fresh Brew is a fairly standard filter coffee, but much better than something you would get from Starbucks or pretty much anywhere in Nepal. Served in a large mug and only costing $1, it is a great value and an option for anyone who prefers filter to Americano's. The Hazelnut Cappuccino is a godsend for those looking for something sweet after eating Dal Bhat for two straight weeks, I only wish I didn't finish it so quickly. I have never had much of a sweet tooth, but since we've gotten back from trekking I haven't been able to get enough candy bars and desserts. Now I feel like I finally know how the people on Survivor feel.


I highly recommend checking out Himalayan Java Coffee if you ever find yourself nearby their two main locations in Pokhara and Kathmandu. While it may remove you from some of the authenticity of Nepali culture, I found the blending of a western style cafe with the eastern setting to be relaxing and enjoyable.

Himalayan Java Coffee


Pokhara, Nepal