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Screw the Itinerary.

Hey! We’re Jenny and Alex.

Welcome to Screw the Itinerary! We’re glad you found us. 


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About Us

We’re two 20-somethings from Chicago, USA. We started dating in 2013 and almost immediately began discussing our shared goal of traveling long-term. Long story short, we saved up money for four years and in June of 2017 we quit our jobs and bought a one-way ticket to Ireland. We’ve been on the road ever since!

Our Travel Philosophy

Basically, we’re your average backpacking couple. We’re budget-conscious, but not too conscious, and we intentionally saved up enough money to be able to afford some extra comforts on the road like air-con and hot water. We’re young and social enough to enjoy hostels, but old enough to prefer private rooms instead of grungy dorms, as long as our budget allows. Generally we opt for smaller guesthouses or homestays when possible.

We prefer a relaxed pace of travel. We’re not quite ‘one city a month’ slow-travel types, but we do prefer to spend a decent amount of time in each new destination we visit, money permitting. Since we are budget-conscious, we generally opt for slower, cheaper methods of travel like buses and trains as opposed to quick but expensive flights. We’re not fans of group tours and we try to avoid tourist traps, but we’re not against seeing the most famous sights a city has to offer (like Big Ben or the Taj Mahal) just because they’re ‘too popular.’ 

As you might guess by the name, we're not big planners. We usually show up with very little in the way of 'must-do's' and just figure things out as we go. This has bitten us in the butt a few times, as we've missed out on some big-ticket items that require advance planning, but mostly we find that traveling this way allows us the flexibility to change our plans to suit our moods. 

Our biggest priority when traveling is food! Maybe that sounds silly, but it’s true: we are highly adventurous eaters and seek out the most unique local eats wherever we go, though we’re not against enjoying some American comfort food once in a while, either. As a result, our destination posts always include a highly detailed food and drink section. We also love coffee more than most sane people should, and exploring cafes is one of our favorite ways of getting to know a new city. Alex posts about some of our favorite finds in his Roasts Around the World section. 

About Screw the Itinerary

We founded Screw the Itinerary primarily as a way to document our travels, but as the site has grown we’ve realized there is a lack of useful, honest content for travelers like us: couples traveling on a slightly-more-than-shoestring budget, who love food and outdoor activities and hate being shuffled around from site to site in crowded tour buses. So much of what we see on Instagram and travel blogs is aspirational and gorgeous, but it’s not always attainable or relatable. We’re not luxury travelers by any stretch of the imagination, and we like it that way: we think we have just as much fun as the fancy people, if not more!

In our posts, we offer honest insight and real stories about our travels - both good and bad. We are storytellers by nature and traveling has given us some amazing stuff to talk about, so we want to share it with you. We don’t sugarcoat things: if we hate a place, we’ll tell you. If we got ripped off, or something crappy happened to us, you’ll hear about that too, because we feel our readers deserve the full picture.


We consider ourselves travelers, not professional photographers, so our photography gear is fairly limited. We travel with the Nikon D3300 camera and in addition to the kit lens we also have this 35mm lens which we love for portraits and landscape shots alike. We purchased an inexpensive travel tripod similar to this one while we were in Malaysia, and use it for all shots of the two of us. We also have a GoPro that is primarily used for Jenny’s scuba diving adventures. We shoot in RAW and edit photos using Adobe Lightroom on our MacBook, using our own homemade presets. Occasionally you’ll see iPhone photos on the blog, and those are edited using the Lightroom mobile app.



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